Oil Painting Schizoaffective and Bipolar Disorder


I received a gift- a beautiful ‘Flowers and Blooms’ painting book from my sweet dear friend, Susan Williams Hammer. I painted the ‘Red Rose.’

Over Christmas time, I found a painting of a ‘red rose’ catching my eye. I carefully tore the picture of the flower from the page of the book. Red roses mean love and warmth like the red hearts you find on Valentine’s Day. I immediately thought- I have to get to this. I grabbed my paints and paintbrush. Ghessoed a masonite board, and started the process of creating one of my favorite rose pieces. Recently, in my Author Talks on Sherry Goes Sane,  I refer to myself as blossoming like a ‘red rose’ in the garden. I use my painting of the rose, as a demo, to illustrate how I struggled through the darkness and insecurity of my mental condition, and how I came out of it with confidence and strength, blooming like a ‘red rose’ in the garden. This is my oil painting of me, the ‘Red Rose’2nd rose facebook choice blooming in the garden of life. ’22×26′ Enjoy!

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