Aquarius, My Hippie Years

In my hippie years, I was a rising star of the Zodiac sign, Aquarius. It began when I went to Southern Oregon College, now Southern Oregon University in Ashland, 67′-69′, and someone coined me with the term, Aquarius. My birthday is in February. I could have settled for the titles of Miss Universe or Miss Beauty Queen USA because my sun sign had no bearing on me, and being important like being Miss Universe or Miss Beauty Queen USA, I felt, was what made a difference in other’s lives. My looks were awkward and less flattering during those years, and I was humble, not letting my conceit shine through (if there was a glimpse of it), so that I wouldn’t build enemies or make people run away from me. I emerged with the hippie revolution wearing tan leather vests, driving around in a Crummy and a white Studebaker with flowered decals on the top and sides of it,  singing songs on the radio to “Light My Fire”, by The Doors and “Whole Lotta Love”, by Led Zeppelin. I experimented with drugs and used them for a while until I got so depressed I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Because of a sad relationship and my views of Vietnam War, I was searching for peace. I battled fatigue a lot. I moved to OSU in Corvallis, worked full time, and took a full load of courses. One could find me sprawled out on the lavatory floor of the Commons as I slept between classes. I was a human bridge where the students walked over to get to the stalls. I was a loner. I lived alone and walked home from my classes in the dark (a 40 minute walk) alone. I took an Engineering of the 70’s class where all the hippies hung out. I was good at blowing air into the balloons. If you knew me well the rest is history. I filed a complaint for equal pay because I  was discriminated against at the pizza place I worked at. My employer started hiring men at a wage higher than I received for the same job. I began work at a lower pay and worked up to that wage. A year later, I won my case. I turned out the way I did because of my faith in the system.

Me in My Hippie Years

Me in My Hippie Years

I carry the songs of the generation with me, and the humbleness and creativity of the Aquarian spirit. Always looking forward to the sunshine and always thankful for my relationships with other people.

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