A visit with my Brazilian Aunt Deanna

Going to visit my beautiful Aunt Deanna from Brazil this week. She is in her 90’s and is still as young as ever. She is my mom’s sister. She is a beautiful woman of many talents, sewing, swimming, caring for people, and raising a family of six. She shares her sweet self in everything she does. Her children and grandchildren love her dearly. She is the woman who posed with me in the picture on the cover of my book, Sherry Goes Sane. One summer when I was 16 she gave me shelter in her small home near Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the aunt who stood by my side when my head took ill and there was no tomorrow. And she came to many of my gallery showings. I will never forget her for that. I’m looking forward to sharing happy moments with my aunt and travel through all the wonderful experiences we have had together. It will be a special day. Full of fond memories.

My Aunt Deanna

My Aunt Deanna


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