Julie Fast Best Selling Mental Health Author

Julie Fast
Best Selling Mental Health Author

I was sitting with Julie Fast, author of Mental Health books and Get It Done When You’re depressed. She told me about her post and how she was managing her hypomania during the world cup. She said, “Sherry. When was the last time you were manic?” I said, “Saturday. I was so high on life I couldn’t stop laughing.” How did you know that was hypomania? “I had uncontrolled laughter at something I normally wouldn’t laugh at.” When that happens, what do you do? “I say. Oh. I need to be careful. I stand up and go for a walk and get a drink of water. I regroup and change my thoughts and reevaluate the situation that’s going on. Then I’m in a saner, calmer mood.” She said, “Just like me at karaoke last night.”

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