Bloomsbury Author Talk in Ashland

My AuthorTalk at Bloomsbury

My AuthorTalk at Bloomsbury


I was so thrilled to give an Author Talk at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland. I spoke to a full house and was honored to have my friends Alice Savage and Sue Williams attend. I was also happy to see my author friend, Mitzi, there and the head of NAMI Josephine County who passed out flyers to the libraries in the surrounding areas for my event. My sister’s friend’s had also attended and my sister served fabulous baked goodies and introduced me. Her husband, Bob, and my husband, Joe,  sat side by side and cheered me on. I am so proud of my dear husband who has given me so much support for my work. It was a night made in heaven. On my trip back to Portland, I met my friend Nace in Roseburg for lunch and ran into Patty Cacy and her mom at the same restaurant. We had a great talk.

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