Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A painting I did of Preschool Days

A painting I did of Preschool Days

A Bit of Preschool nostalgia

After starting off the year of 2006, with a New Year’s party, the first holiday the Preschooler’s and I celebrated was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Love and equality were shared by all in every race and every color of the classroom. I read a condensed  version of Dr. King’s dream speech from a preschool book,  emphasizing the importance that we must all get along , no matter what the color of skin that we may be. I said, “Together we can climb.” We made up a Dr. King’s dream poem:

Hand and hand across the land, we give praises and sing,

Today is the day to celebrate,

Because of Dr. King!

We joined in on a discussion about equality and why we felt people were prejudice. By using an interpretation of the song, “Frere Jacques” that claimed our right to have feelings, we got in touch with our emotions.  We sang the song with expressions on our faces. By the end of the day we made a wreath of love. We traced our hands on  brown, black and white construction paper. Then decorated our hands with hearts. After our project was done we laid the wreath of hands on a green poster board.

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