A Bouquet from my sister Diana

Diana and I in Salt Lake City 003

Diana, left, and I at Easter at the Capitol Building in Salt Lake City


I wish that I had taken a picture of my bouquet of roses from my sister, Diana, the day of my launch. Beautiful coral roses, green mum-like flowers, and cockle shell lavender blooms. They had such a significant meaning. However, our lighting wouldn’t have done it justice. My sister, Diana, is like a twin sister to me. We are from the same cloth and share the same sorrows, the same pains, and rejoice in the same happiness. When I have an event like an art reception or like my book launch I recently had, she sends me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Because she is so close to me and loves me, she is supportive and cheers me on. This bouquet is so special: a new journey in my life, an endearing time, a time to heal, a time to share, a time to help, a time to stay in touch.

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