Happy 4th

Author Sherry M. Joiner

Author Sherry M. Joiner

Freedom — A world of clear thoughts: Being able to love when you want to love, being able to eat what you want to eat, being able to walk where you want to walk, be able to read what you want to read and being able to speak what you want to speak. The Fourth of July causes me to reflect on the many freedoms I have had because of man’s sacrifice for our country. The freedoms come deep within the soul and transform into love, peace, and security  like a butterfly shedding its cocoon and opening its wings to the air as it is lifted by the spirit. One can witness the brilliance of its nature and its unselfish act for others.

We all have a common bond, we yearn to be free. I hope that people will come to the same place I have in appreciating the benefits of freedom. How fortunate we are to live in this beautiful USA and how fortunate we are to have men and women fighting for us. I  pray for peace for our nation and other nations.

Happy 4th!

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