My Happy Place by Sherry Joiner

My Happy Place

My “feelings” poem.

You can never rebuild my feelings

Mend them that is true,

But never like an architect with a tool to make a skyscraper reach tall in the dark.

Cause I’ve committed myself to go about life with a certain celestial spark.

And it is in me that makes me rise without falling asleep,

Being able to laugh and giggle when you are not around.

To choose for my body without having someone snaring or looking down,

Or to fight for democracy to satisfy my urgent yen.

With my strands of stringy red hair pressed to my face like glue, I’ll fight for

Equal pay and women’s rights too.

For you see by the end of the day

When I sit in my wooden rocker all burned out,

You can never rebuild my feelings,

They are here to stay,

And not even you can wish them away.

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