Painting To Relieve Depression in Schizo-affective Disorder

Painting to relieve depression

Painting to relieve depression

Every time I paint, I am exploring new ways to relieve depression. In the minute or 45 minutes that I apply my oil paint to canvas I am lost in a technique that helps me work through my problems, get rid of my problems, and witness the beauty which I have created. As I move my brush across my canvas I am finding myself in what I create and am nurturing my mind.

When depression hits I get moving and take to the dining room which I have made into my studio. Finding a subject to paint from, I lay out tubes of paint. I ask myself, what am I feeling at this moment? Am I thinking about life in a positive way? I study the shades, the colors and contours of the subject. As I make a stroke on canvas, I begin to paint away the suffering, past judgments, and inner conflicts that have possessed my mind.
I may think about the deaths of my mother and brother, but their lives become a sweet retrospection and distant reality away each time I paint. I let my painting be filled with healing memories, and the strokes keep me focused.

I am rising above my thoughts and enjoying my freedom. The dark days are gone and I have found inner peace. I figure, I might go for a long walk in the fresh air and get in touch with my higher power and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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