Mother’s Day

It is a sunny wonderful day today. I felt that I was losing my footing. I woke up remembering all the wonderful things that my mother had done for me, like helping me to walk with polio and bringing the source of art into my life. I felt like bursting in tears, sprinting through the front door and running down the street until my knees buckled down and would move no more. I noticed where my computer lay. Inside was a sweet romantic, wife mother’s day card with flashing lights singing a song to me from the middle fold left by my husband. He also gave me chocolate candy bar. I went across the street to give my daughter in law a mother’s day bag of chocolates. In Surprise my step son handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Please remember I will be on Zoom Facebook Live tomorrow night Monday 10th 2021, 6:30-8:00pm for Speak my piece for my arts for NAMI Clackamas. I hope to help others with mental health issues during this pandemic.

Mother’s Day Flowers

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