KEYNOTE Healing Moments

My dolly dog Dinky had a magical power over me living with Bipolar Disorder and Schizoaffective Disorder


He was my loving friend. A sweet cocker-spaniel with strawberry blonde fur. I don’t think I could have made it in life without him. He fixed my ego when I was suffering from rejection, and abandonment and listened to my innermost- secrets, dreams, and nightmares by connecting to me with his love. His affection, and strokes of kindness made everything worth living for. I miss and love my Dinky. Dinky’s life was an example of how I took care of my mind. I continued to see a psychiatrist and counselor and take medication during his stay with me. We ran with the seagulls in the park. He comforted me by placing his paw over my eye while I was crying. He showed me empathy. Dinky lived in my healing moments and healing memories. When I’m faced with the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of the world, I think of him and his gentle ways. I wish every student at Stoneman Douglas High School had a dog to help them through their crisis. I am so proud of the students who marched out of their classroom, yesterday, and stood up for something they believed in. I’m sending them strength and courage to face life, and I wish them love and protection at these crossroads.

Dinky and I

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