ARTWORK Juried Show

Daylight Savings Time is a strange blessing in disguise


Even though my pill schedule was set ahead an hour today, I was taken all in by a unique and special gift that was given to me. Two days ago, I submitted my two paintings- Chief Standing and Light at the End of the Tunnel- at the Oregon of Artists Juried Show. Today, at the reception, I discovered my two paintings were accepted and hung for the public to see. I was so happy. It must had been the outrageous sunshine or the warm weather that could of blessed me with such a golden opportunity to show these pieces to the public, but I am drinkin it all in. Life is so grand. I will sit the gallery 1-4 Saturday, March 24. Please come by for a visit. This photo is me painting is called Sunset Reflections.

Me painting Sunset Reflections

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