Tribute to my Aunt Deanna


Yesterday morning, my beautiful Brazilian Aunt Deanna, “Didi,”who was my mom’s sister, made her passage to heaven to be with my Uncle Doc. She was 92 years old. Deanna is the woman and my living legend who was in the photo on the cover of my book looking into the mirror. My aunt and I were close and she was an inspiration to me. With her care and concern she came to visit me at the Oregon State Hospital to get me released and she took me into her home in Salt Lake City when I was a teenager having trouble in the Green District. She came by my side to pray for all my operations when I was sick and attended all my art shows. In later years, we danced the samba, did the twist, and swam together. She is survived by her 6 children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She was a wonderful, mother, an aunt, and a very special friend. I will miss her greatly.

Aunt Deanna “Didi”

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