Sherrys Events Expert Talk

Success in giving my Expert Speech with Schizoaffective Disorder


Thank you, everyone for coming to my presentation- Sherry Goes Sane, Everything You Wanted To Know About Schizoaffective Disorder in the Portland Providence Glisan Social Room. Throughout my presentation, I displayed several of my paintings to illustrate my experiences living with Schizoaffective Disorder. I felt like I made a significant contribution to Society, Wednesday night, February 22, and helped to educate and inform the public about Schizoaffective Disorder. It was an invigorating and renewing experience.The audience remained open and supportive as I walked them through my psychosis in memories of young and old. It was an incredible time. Thank you, Patricia Day TenEyck, NAMI Multnomah’s Execuitive Director, and Sofia Jasani, Education Coordinator, for hosting this event. Your kindness went above and beyond.

Expert Speech

Expert Speech

Expert Speech with my painting-Modern Mona Lisa

Expert Speech with my painting-Modern Mona Lisa

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