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Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder July Fourth Adopted Children


A photo of my adopted grandchild, Kayla, and me at Oaks Amusement Park celebrating her 7th birthday, this 4th of July weekend. The other photo is Kylie, (5),left, and Kayla, right, at Oaks Park the same day. They are sisters- two years apart- like my sister, Diana, and me, and my husband Joe and I love being their adopted grandparents. What a change life has made in us passing through so many generations. Taking care of children who are as old as my sister and I were, when we were looking up at the stars at Liberty Park on the 4th of July, and wondering if the stars would break in half as they were spattered across the sky by loud percussion noises. Running around with sparklers in our hands and lighting up ‘ fake worms’ in the cracks of the pavement. Now, I’m watching with my husband, two young sisters- Kayla and Kylie- five and seven- grow, love, and be kind to one another. To become educated and for us to help educate them. Kayla and Kylie dressed for Kayla’s birthday occasion. Kayla wore an ‘independence’ dress as her birthday dress. She loves being patriotic. As each holiday passes the experiences with our adopted grand girls deepens. We enjoy their company in Portland, Oregon at our favorite children hot spots. At Oaks Park it was a treat watching our grand girls make themselves get silly over the “Tilt”, “Eruption,” “Scrambler,” and “Ferris Wheel,” rides. The weather was sunny with a cool refreshing breeze. It was the most peaceful time at the Amusement Park, more peaceful than any Fourth of July ever before.

Kayla and Me

Kayla and Me

Kylie and Kayla

Kylie and Kayla

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