Fourth of July Weekend

Happy 4th of July weekend! Hope you have a happy and safe one. I remember when my sister, Diana, left, and I, right, were young. On the 4th of July, we’d scurry into our small kitchen at Eardley Place, Salt Lake City, and fill up empty orange juice cans with Kool-Aid, then stuck them into the freezer. Mom was busy sewing us matching outfits (sometimes cowgirl outfits), for the big explosions that took place in the sky that night at Liberty Park (in the Center of Salt Lake City). I recall the hissing and crackling of the lights as they shot through the sky and worried if they would touch the sweet wet earth, and would make a spark and zap me, or someone nearby. When our Kool-Aid popsicles were frozen, we headed down our dead end street to State Street where people sat for the 4th of July parade. They were singing songs of “Hail to Independence” to our country, and waving their miniature flags. We sold our popsicles and rejoiced with them, however, weren’t ready to take it all in at the time.

My sister, Diana and Me at Liberty Park

My sister, Diana, and Me at Liberty Park


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