‘Stellar’s Jay’

In the plant and bird kingdom of our fair weathered-feathered friends, we see instinct and adaptation, unfolding in beauty and harmony. Within the human kingdom we also see adaptation and intuition. The unfolding lifts us up and takes us on to the right direction. In the wee hours of the morning where I pitched my tent in a campground last year, the Stellar’s Jay feeds upon the acorns. I recollected the smell of steaming, sizzling, burnt wet wood and the sweet vapors of the dewy mist sprinkling into our tent where we camped with our adopted grand girls and their father. The ‘caw’ ‘caw’ of the Stellar’s Jay, outside the tent, would wake me from my  ‘nest.’ My intuition was not to leave food out in the camp, because the bird’s instinct was probably to sweep down and try to eat it. For every element of life, I look for the unfoldment of nature and the beauty in everything around me, I live for my consciousness, my higher power, and I continue to look to our strong’ leaders of America for guidance, This is my oil painting I painted of the bird called the Stellar’s Jay.

Oil painting I did of the Stellar's Jay

Oil painting I did of the Stellar’s Jay


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