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KEYNOTE Mother’s Pansies

My painting of ‘Pansies’ by Sherry Joiner a tribute to my mother Maria   My Brazilian Mom loved pansies and grew a garden full of those beautiful black velvet centered flowers that bore the expression of grumpy ol’ men in her adult and senior years. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say ‘hello’ … Continue reading

ABOUT Christmas

Enjoying the Holidays with Schizoaffective Disorder at Alpinrose Dairy   While I was at Alpinrose Dairy this weekend with my adopted grand girls, I heard a voice call out my name. It was someone I had known from quite sometime ago. He told me that my book was wonderful, how much he liked Sherry Goes … Continue reading

‘Stellar’s Jay’

In the plant and bird kingdom of our fair weathered-feathered friends, we see instinct and adaptation, unfolding in beauty and harmony. Within the human kingdom we also see adaptation and intuition. The unfolding lifts us up and takes us on to the right direction. In the wee hours of the morning where I pitched my … Continue reading