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AK Learning Documentary Schizoaffective Disorder Photo op with President Barack Obama

Thank you President Obama, for traveling to Roseburg, Oregon, to comfort the families of the victims of the mass shooting that took place at Umpqua Community College. The photo below is a photo op I had with President Obama at Intel, February 18, 2011, photographed by Pete Souza. A a member of Ladies in Blue, ( a political group associated with Organizing for America), I was chosen to greet him at Intel- Hillsboro, Oregon, when he came to speak. I phone banked for President Obama and other politicians in Oregon. I let him know that I fought for equal pay in 1971- 1972 and received a reimbursement settlement statement from the Attorney General in Salem. The Attorney General said that there would no longer be sexual discrimination in the work force.  I talked with the President about it, and he said, “I’m proud of you!” “Keep up the good work!” It was an incredible experience. It has been a long journey, but meeting President Obama was one of my finest achievements. I was filmed in an AK Learning Documentary on the subject of Schizoaffective Disorder produced by Professor Art Kohn for Cegage, a college textbook publisher, and in the documentary is the photo of me and President Obama, by Pete Souza,  shaking hands.

President Barack Obama and Me, Photograph by Pete Souza

President Barack Obama and Me, Photograph by Pete Souza


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