Macramé holder for Maracas

Macrame Wheel to hold my ‘Maracas’ in. Do you remember ‘macrame’? I was a seasonal macrame maker. I macramed Santa’s at Christmas time, plant hangers in the spring, and colorful purses for the summer and fall. This is one of my pieces. I was all tied up in knots upon completion. I was wondering why I began the project in the first place and how I could get rid of all the frustration that went along with making it. In the beginning I learned to tie a square knot and as later projects came my way, I became more skilled. Tying knots was fun, but they cast a spell on me. I dreamt playfully, tying knots in my sleep and pinning them to my styrofoam macrame board. Then I would dive into tying knots the following afternoon neglecting my household chores. I was deligent and happy. To illustrate how dedcated I was, I hauled a big plastic garbabe bag of jute and colorful beads from Illinois to Oregon on our move to Oregon, one year, and kept it for 30 years.Therapeutic? I guess sometimes, but intense, many times. Not a very good project when my mind was going off, and I was in my manic phase. I was overstimulated and full of energy. I couldn’t quite pull it together. During this time, one of my projects was a witch. I placed the label ‘Scopes Trial’ on the back of its head. Fortunately, I got help.

Macramé wheel I made

Macramé wheel I made

  Finally, I turned over all the jute and beads that I lugged around with me to the GoodWill, and they found a lovely home.

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