RHS mini Class Reunion of 67′



Nace, left, Dorothy, right

Nace, left, Dorothy, right

Cheryl Allen, me, Nace

Cheryl Allen, me, Nace

Over the weekend, I went to my mini reunion of the RHS Class of 67′ organized by Alice Savage: classmate and my Lincoln City roommate. We met at Abbys Legendary Pizza Place in Roseburg, Oregon. I took on the job as being the photographer for the evening. I tried to make out who was who from behind the name tags that hid the identity of our classmates. Friends that I couldn’t recognize by name, existed in facial features only, I knew from long ago. I was wondering how they would receive me after the publication of my book, Sherry Goes Sane. Knowledge I wanted to hand down to them despite my reputation, or what I perceived them to think what my reputation was like. I decided to go with it. I was received with warm hugs, “Hi, how are ya?,” “Haven’t heard from you forever,” and “What have you been up to?” With some, I shared more experiences than with others. Reentering their lives and finding out about their health, families, and retirement was all the more rewarding. It was a night to remember.


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