Keep Smiling, A Poem I wrote

Sherry Joiner Author of Sherry Goes Sane

A Poem I wrote last evening

Keep Smiling

I haven’t talked to you in such awhile,

You know I’d do anything just to see you smile.

I sing with glee when your contagious smile extends on to me.

So just keep smiling…

Don’t worry if people may see you frown,

No matter what happens

Try not to let life get you down.

Your ability to be a rainbow in a rainstorm or a cotton candy cloud on a summer’s eve

Is truly a wonderful gift,

It tends to give those who love you

A needed and welcomed lift.

So keep smiling and enjoy your day.

Brush the criticism aside and be on your way.

Forgive the past and think of what you can do next,

Send your friend or family member an email, a letter or a text,

Make your days happy and worthwhile,

For no one but you can wear your smile.

You are truly,


Sherry M. Joiner

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