Breaking away to Seaside

Me and Aunt Deanna at Seaside

Me and Aunt Deanna at Seaside

Over the weekend, I was able to break away from myself to Seaside to visit my 91 year old Aunt Deanna from Brazil.  She read me a letter that was written in Portuguese, her native language. It’s hard to imagine how she could still read a letter in a language as complicated as Portuguese and still talk with me in English. She is incredible.

Me at Seaside

Me at Seaside

We went to Mo’s for brunch, drove around Cannon Beach, and ate dessert at a yogurt shop. She was worn out. But she still smiled and commented that she was having a good time. She is the aunt who was posed with me  in the picture with me on the cover of my book.   This is a picture of my aunt holding up my picture of the “Red Rose” that I painted.

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