My best moments at The Oscars

Me at sixty-six

Me at sixty-six

What was your most favorite moment at the Oscars? I was so grateful for Patricia Arquette who accepted the award for best supporting actress for “Boyhood.” Her speech about equal pay for women was a touching moment for women everywhere and for everyone. I was also deeply moved at John Legend’s and Common’s performance of “Glory” from the movie “Selma.” It was powerful. I was thrilled that Eddie Redmayne received the best actor award for “The Theory of Everything.” One of my best moments during the Awards was when Graham Moore, screenwriter of “The Imitation Game,” talked about his suicide attempt in his acceptance speech. It took courage to talk about the dark side of his life in public to help others. Suicide takes many young and old these days. Everyday approximately 112 Americans take there own life.  I miss Robin Williams. Yes, we do need to talk about suicide more often. We need more people enlisted in  the Response units to be there at the most critical time when someone decides to take his life. We need more education and training.  I loved Lady Gaga’s performance of the “Sound of Music.” It was a great night at the Academy Awards.

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