A Book I Made in My Youth

Before my teens, I learned how to write at Rose School, Roseburg, Oregon. Since February 2nd was close to my birthday, I made a book called Ground Hog’s Day. I illustrated a figure that looked much like a beaver and as the pages unfolded, I captured the likeness of the mayor of the town and the townspeople. I had a blissful time drawing the ground hop stepping his tiny foot on his ink blot shadow, I thought was a replica of him. Even though the shadow was unrecognizable to my teacher, I received a standing ovation from the class. I’m fortunate that I lived in a time where classmates were close, where talent activated trust and love, where dreams you never thought could come true, came true, and when the sun put to sleep the shadows. May the love and support you have for one another keep the energy of life flowing through you. The photo is of me at age 11.

Me at age 11

Young Author Sherry, Me at age 11


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