Participating at the OSA Exhibit

Me, Theresa, Old Master

Me, Theresa, Old Master

I had the wonderful experience of exhibiting my artwork at the Oregon Society of Artitsts. Theresa LoMonaco, I, and the “Old Master” and “Amy,” my paintings, are in these photos.

Me, Theresa, and "Amy"

Me, Theresa, and “Amy”

The art show began January 11, with a reception and ended January 30th. I met a long term worker named Bill and his friend James, a fellow OSA artist at the reception. It was a joy to connect with fellow artists and artists I painted with, side by side, from the past. One artist in her 90’s was brought to the gallery by bus. The bus driver was a woman I hadn’t seen since 1982. We worked at Mt. St. Joseph Convalescent Care Facility on the grave yard shift. Small wonders never cease to amaze me.

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