Christmas Day 2013

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

My step daughter Becky

My step daughter Becky


I sat in my pink butterfly pajamas and Turquoise top with my leg elevated Christmas Day. Everything was right in my world and I was healing with nature in a non-materialistic way. It was an extraordinary day outside. I peeked inside a box holding a golden Ferris wheel which stood about 1 ½ feet tall. As I plugged the Ferris wheel in, yellow lights began flashing and miniature chairs revolved in a circle to the top of the wheel and then down again is a sea sick motion. It was playing Christmas tunes of “O Holy Night” and “O Christmas Tree,” and of old time favorites like “Blue Danube Waltz,” “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” and “By The Light of the Silvery Moon.” It was a healing gift that arrived on my doorstep the day of my arthroscopic surgery on my knee, given to me by my nephew Justin and his family. Justin taught Special Needs children and was sensitive to my needs, also. His mother, my sister Diana, ordered flowers. They were delivered in a lovely lavender bouquet of Lilies with dark lavender buds surrounded by green mums that would bloom in a couple of days. It was followed by a call from my sister who was surfing in Huntington Beach with her family for the Holidays.

My husband and stepdaughter, Becky, were with me, and I celebrated with a traditional KFC meal as they waited on me hand and foot. My memoir I had just written, Sherry Goes Sane, had just breathed life into my step daughters and my relationship and we were looking at each other through different colors of lenses. She didn’t realize what I had overcome in my lifetime. For a few glorious moments, she and I seemed to become one. As I embraced her, she said, “I love you.” I in return said, “I love you back.” Like the magic of the Ferris wheel that day with all its hidden innuendos, the threads of our lives were catching up with one another and our dreams elevated to a point where we respected and shared the pride in ourselves and what we had become.

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