Author Sherry M. Joiner

Author Sherry M. Joiner

Do you have placebos in your life? And if so, how have they helped you? A friend once told me what made his clock start ticking was the thought he could cause life to go his way through meditation and the nourishing of his thought processes. He could compensate for the highs and lows by thinking of a phrase or a saying it to make himself well. The more he thought about it, he was able to get through the rough times and was able to feed love into his system and heal.

Placebos can be used as sugar to take the place of medicine, exercising in a therapy pool to avoid an operation, going on a healing walk to clear one’s thinking,  painting a picture to relieve stress with the strokes of a  brush, meditation, and obtaining perception through reading the pages of a book.

What importance do the role of placebos play in your mental health? Please feel free to comment on this blog and give your opinions.

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