Nelson Mandela

Author Sherry M. Joiner

Author Sherry M. Joiner

Mandela, a man I never knew. I picked up the newspaper and read, “Nelson Mandela is in critical condition.” I was filled with grief for a man I did not know but heard so many stories about. The icon of South Africa. A father of wisdom for his great country. How he served and survived 27 years in prison for standing up to Apartheid.

I dressed after sipping a cup of cranberry juice and headed out the door. I noticed my handmade Preschool book hugging the edge of the couch. I failed to put away since a visit with my aunt.  An opened burlap page was staring at me in the face. Dangling bells were attached to African print material with an illustration of elephants and giraffes on it. The title of the page — Multicultural Music.

I closed the book and grabbed a seat in my GEO Prism. After igniting the engine I paused. I thought of Mandela  once again and silence overtook. How at nine he lost his father, yet his family had so much pride in him that he was the first of his family to go to school. He became the President of South Africa from 1994–1999. Such a humble sweet spirit with a positive attitude.

No one really knows the inner strength that drives a man such as Mandela with such power  to risk his life for the sake of others and for equality and human rights. I believe it comes from within the heart and deep within the soul. A belief in human kind that there will be better days ahead, no matter what color of skin you may have.

I am wishing you love, comfort, and peace Nelson Mandela. May you have happiness forever as the days unfold.

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