Bonding with my Preschool Class

My creation: A Preschool Game

My creation: A Preschool Game

As a preschool teacher, I went to seminars and found techniques to bond with the children in the classroom. I remember attending a presentation by a teacher at a day care for positive discipline.

I made a welcome apron suggested by her with large white letters spelling W E L C O M E attached to the front of it. Into the pockets with matching creatures, I tucked lion, duck, and bunny puppets. Then I designated a child to be a greeter. I gave her or him the apron.

When a-

Tools to go with the Preschool Game

Tools to go with the Preschool Game

child entered the Preschool room the greeter wearing the apron would say, “Hi! How are you?” “Would you like a shake?”  The child would tell the greeter what kind of shake she would like, then the greeter would pull the puppet from his pocket that the child requested, and they would shake with it.  If a child was having a hard day or a bad night at home he could be welcomed and not feel so all-alone in the world.

I must give credit where credit is due. The apron was all Lisa Smith’s idea, yet it helped me manage the moods of the classroom with a new perspective. The apron technique helped to develop friendships, self-esteem, trust and responsibility. It was a good addition to our dramatic play area.

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