My husband, Joe

My husband, Joe

He is the handsome intelligent man that I love,

He honored his visitation rights with his kids and provided them with food and shelter.

When other men would move away and shirk the responsibility of raising their kids as teenagers, he

stayed and toughed it out without raising a fist.

He studied mechanics and fixed their cars by studying a manual.

My "Man"

My “Man”

One year he built a baby lathe machine for his daughter who wanted to do beaded work.

He loved his children and their children unconditionally and they loved him back.

My husband is not a famous person he is an inventor of an envelope machine, but no actor.

Yet, I feel like I am in a movie when he is in the house.

I am so thankful for being with such a caring man, my husband, the “Dad.”

Happy Father’s Day to you honey and to all the fathers who work hard to hold their families and nation

together and appreciate the many treasures of life.

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