A Dog named Neve

Having given an In Our Own Voice speech to a Family group on the day of the Rose Parade, I was honored with an orchid plant by the group leader. Afterwards, my husband and I traveled to Seaside and visited my aunt Deanna who is 89, and my cousin Mickey, and his wife Sue. We hiked down Short Sand Trail to view the ocean’s waves crashing to shore. The sky was a powder blue and the waves were pancake flour white. It was a surfer’s paradise.

The next evening, my cousin Mickey went kite boarding with his dog Neve as I soaked my feet in the chilly Pacific and sloshed my toes between the wet sand of the beach. Neve, a white Lab, plodded through the surf for 7 miles bringing home Mickey out of the tumultuous tide. As she raced one step ahead of Mick from Sunset Approach to Gearhart Approach, she would turn her head towards the position of her master. If Mick faltered she’d prance around in a circle and would swim out to him.

Neve was taught commands when she was a pup by a dog whisperer. In later years she was hit by a car and was severely bruised, but that didn’t stop her. She remained calm, protective of her family, and in command. She was a self- healing animal.

It was a delight to witness the beauty of this powerful extraordinary being. A photographer trying to take her picture couldn’t keep up with her determination to stay with her master in the ocean.

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