RHS Reunion Luncheon 2013

Roseburg High'sClass reunion luncheon 2013

Roseburg High’sClass reunion luncheon 2013

Putting on a class reunion has added dimension to my life.  A classmate, Diane Rulien and I headed the 45th RHS class reunion luncheon in Portland, Oregon, April 2013. But we couldn’t have done it without the mastermind of Alice Savage, the confidence booster and power house of our 67’ Roseburg High class reunions.

Our luncheon was created by contacting names on a list that Alice had emailed us. She had kept in touch with the classmates over the years and brought the class together for 5 to 10 year periods of time. Her perception of things was electric. Being there for others in happy times, hardships, and deaths, she was always able to maintain a positive attitude and outlook. We learned to celebrate and grieve through her unique and caring philosophy.

When Alice organized our Roseburg High School’s 45th class reunion in Santa Rosa the summer of 2013, she asked the classmates to send two photos of themselves as they were during their high school days. She made a video and played it at the function. She hired a band and a ceremony was performed by herself and classmate Darlene Jarvis. Guess the baby picture contest was put on by a fellow student, Judy Stritzke. As we entered the reunion site, Alice and her team called “The Magnificent Seven” (strong and creative women of Roseburg High’s graduating class), gave us blocks of wood from our torn down high school bleachers with “RHS, Class of 1967,” and an Indian’s head etched in them. The Indian was Roseburg High’s mascot.  We were handed a bottle of bubbles at the event and in the evening Alice read the names of the deceased classmates as we blew bubbles for each name that was called. At our 40th reunion we were given balloons and sent them off into the air in memory of our classmates, an event Alice also headed.

Diane and I met in Portland 3 or 4 times scheming of how to pull off the luncheon. I suggested a meeting place at a seafood restaurant in Portland, and we looked into holding a banquet there. She contacted students from Roseburg to Portland and made name tags and brought gifts. I oil painted a portrait of an Indian for a door prize and made Indian head note cards. Alice, Diane, and I celebrated with the classmates at Portland Seafood and Grill and through our persistence and hard work it turned out to be a euphoric event.

2 thoughts on “RHS Reunion Luncheon 2013

  1. Thank you Sherry and you two did a wonderful job and so much fun…hope we can have many more gatherings….

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