Oaks Park

Kayla, Kylie, and me

Kayla, Kylie, and me

Enjoyed the “Zoom” (roller coaster ride) and Merry-Go-Round with my adopted grandchildren Kayla and Kylie at Oaks Park today. Todd, who is the father of the children and my husband’s and my friend, spun into orbit on the seat of the “Spider” (an octopus ride) while Kylie and Kayla cupped their heads beneath his armpit and screamed themselves silly. We had ticket for the Ferris Wheel, “Up Up and Away” rides and the “Big Pink” slide, but I was afraid I’d land on my head, so I opted out of them. Kayla and Kylie braved those rides.

Too many thrills for Granny today. My mind is not built like it used to be. But it was sure fun to let loose.

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