An Event Remembered

Meditation by Sherry Joiner


We walked through the Rhododendron Garden together viewing the luscious blooms and watched the baby geese feed themselves seeds from the green grass. It was a month since I talked with Amy Meyers, the coordinator of the Music and Art for the Mind show, and she seemed at peace with herself.  The warm wind tossed the blonde ends of her air into a spiral and I questioned her about the time she spent on the show. There was a good amount of energy put into organizing the Music and Art for the Mind show which was held in the World Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon.

As we walked, I remembered attending the show with two friends, Jean and Jeana, and I would like to share my experience. Dancing melodies were everywhere as we entered the large venue.  It was like magic. There was a nonprofit woman’s choir called Aurora Chorus singing peace. A husband and wife team played the guitar and sang and three other women performed.  Art work was displayed on tables and on easels for a silent auction, and profits were split 50/50 with North Star. The benefit was for North Star, a social and vocational rehabilitation program.  Jeff Cogen, Multnomah County Commissioner, attended and Bill Waters, the head of North Star, and Louise Langley, a member of North Star, gave their speeches. An auctioneer began the evening with bids in a live auction for trips to Mexico, Hawaii, and my painting “Meditation” to name a few. It was a nice touch to the wonderful spring weather we were having, and the food was exotic and delectable.  One hundred and eighty people attended.

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