Abortion Law

Before the Supreme Court decides to trash the women, children men’s mind and bodies in our democracy, I suggest that each judge ask each individuals in the US. and their loyal friends and families, about how they feel about having the burden of an unwanted baby in the family and how they will pay for it. Putting people’s life at death’s door and at poverty because of consequences enforced by the Supreme Court of rape, incest, health is a degrading mental health issue. People feel vulnerable to this decision and the impact is severe and unwanted. To give, respect, receive respect, and forgive for the incident being brought up comes from the heart.. Especially when we have morals. . How can people accept and be accepted when the life of the other is imposed.. We need judges leading this county with souls, not wayward elves. . Admitting you are wrong is very simple and very important for the life of our nation. Please consider your decision Supreme Court . We aren’t at a circus.


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