Last Miracle for Maria

Accepting and Facing Stress in Traumatic and Tragic circumstances, I wrote this book Last Miracle for Maria about my Brazilian mother, Maria, who took her life. My aim is to help others with depression, paranoia, anxiety, and loss, cope with disaster and their mental health issues that also include thoughts of suicide. I write to help them benefit from the mindful imagery exercises and affirmations I have created so they can complete their grief journey, with understanding, realization and love and a reason to strive. Author, Sherry Standing Joiner The school shooting in Texas has left a grave impact on me and this country and the sorrowful deaths of the teachers and children’s lives, we can not turn away from and they can never be replaced.. Last Miracle for Maria is on Amazon and Kindle and shelved at the Woodstock Multnomah County Library, Portland, Oregon.

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