North Clackamas Arts Guild

During this pandemic an art organization named North Clackamas Arts Guild that I am a member of has been encouraging its members to paint and to submit their pictures for their Newsletters. We had been through sickness and fires but the leaders never gave up, energized us with email contacts, kind words of caring, giving us glimmers of hope. Our pallets and canvases exploded with brilliance of color. Subjects of portraits, flowers, animals and nature. I was featured on the front page of their Newsletter with my painting, “Dawn’s Early Light.” It won 1st prize at the Modified Multnomah County Fair in October before the election. The organization never stopped being an inspiration and bringing out the best in us. I look forward to paint with them at the end of the year. Their Newsletter can be viewed at North Clackamas Arts Guild Newsletter Clackamas Oregon. Thank you!

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