ABOUT Brother Aids

As the thunder  storm paints soft smudges on my heart, I reminisce about my brother Doug who died of Aids


In the middle of September, my brother, Doug died in 1990 of AIDS at 32 years old. He and his partner, Doug A. took on the most difficult thing to do, the decision to act against marriage inequality. They fought for same sex marriage in 1985 and were filmed on TV. Doug A. also died of AIDS. There was no cure. I miss my brother so much. He was an actor, a nurse, talented, loving, and caring brother. His friend, Doug A. was also a RN nurse. My brother, carried love for all human kind. I wish that he was here now to see the changes in the lifestyle these days and to meet the actors and politicians like Pete Butigiege and his partner who are so caring and making changes. He would have been so happy and proud.  Thank you Mayor Pete.

My brother, Doug

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