ABOUT Women’s Vote

I give my support for Susan B Anthony and love to all the women who struggled to exercise their right to vote august eighteen nineteen twenty a hundred years ago


The Nineteenth Amendment, Women’s Suffrage, Women’s Right to Vote provided the African American women, Asian, Native Indian, Latinas, white seniors and young, and immigrants who went through the pain of making their mark in society and a difference in their lives, a path for clearer vision to the future. However these women were jailed and suffered greatly for their cause and for being a woman. This was needless act of aggression.  The discrimination still continues even after one hundred years and we must fight to keep our votes by mail sacred for the safety of our lives in a pandemic and the safety of our children. We need to honor the postal services and the post office as if our lives depended on it. Our votes count, our health, our security, liberty, our familys and husbands are precious and meaningful to us. We don’t need to go backwards with voting.  A man’s sexist ideas about voting and bulling women happened long ago and our government’s manipulation now is a waste of time. Think love and compassion people at the top. This world isn’t all about you.

Voting Rights 19th Amendment

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