ABOUT Seventy

Turning seventy is a treasure to behold


This month I celebrated two 70th birthday parties- one in Ashland with my sister, her husband, and family, and- one in Portland at the Portland Seafood Company with my Brazilian family and other family members and friends.  In Ashland at the Cabaret Theater, I saw “Beehive,” (six female performers wearing beehive hairdo’s singing ballads and songs of the 60’s), my favorites were “Proud Mary,” by Tina Turner and “Take it” by Janis Joplin, the performers rocked the house. In Portland my dear sweet stepdaughter, Becky, organized my 70th party along with my husband. I am so grateful and very proud of them both for their kindness, compassion, and support for me throughout the years and for helping me take my big steps into another dimension in life. I gave a speech about the importance of friendships, letting go of the past, and building on what we have now. I wish to thank everyone for attending. Turning 70 is the best, I recommend it for everyone. This Tuesday, February 19th, I will be exhibiting my paintings in the “Her Art” Exhibit, Cerimon House, Portland, Oregon, 7-9 pm through March 5, 2019, 4:30-8:30 pm, there will be an art reception from 7-9 pm on Tuesday, Please come by and enjoy the art.


Sherry’s 70th

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