ABOUT Tribute to Tia Paula

In memory of my moms sister


Losing someone is hard, however losing the last member of mom’s Brazilian immediate family of 12 is even harder.  Feeling such sorrow that my Brazilian mom’s youngest sister, my Aunt Paula, passed away the day before yesterday in Brazil. I met her in Bahia when I was in my twenties, 1978. She was sweet, humorous and accommodating. She had an abundance of love for her sisters, her brothers, her parents who climbed the ladder to the sky before her. My prayers for you, Aunt Paula. May all your promises come true tomorrow dear Tia Paula and may joy acknowledge your wonderfulness in the paradise where rainbows meet the horizons and the angels sing by your side. I painted this picture for you dear Tia, for healing. My sister and I playing on the sands in Sao Paulo. Return to your adventure in the great big beautiful sky and thank you for everything. Thank you Cousin Cris Mendoca for the notice. Tia Paula is loved and missed, Beijos, Sherry

In Memory of Tia Paula


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