ABOUT Joys of Halloween

Spent an exciting Holiday time visiting with my great friend Alice in Eugene and our art friends Jerry and Janice and my family in Ashland


Joe and I carved pumpkins with my sister and her family the other night, and we saw the “Rocky Horror Movie” play with my sister and her husband at the Cabaret Theater in Ashland, last night. The play was pretty kinky and well acted. I fell in love with Dr. Frank-N- Furter. He was one big beautiful doll, a fabulous actor and singer. On our trip back we saw our Japanese friend and famous author Mitzi Asai Loftus and friend and classmate, Ruby Rose, at her Round 2 Redux Shop in Roseburg where I delivered Ruby  a painting I did from the Toulouse Lau Trec era.

Author Mitzi Asai Loftus and me

Ruby and I

Happy Halloween, Me as Minnie

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