ABOUT Tulip Prayers

Health and Healing for Easter living with Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder


Growing tulips in my front yard for dear sweet little Kayla, my granddaughter, who came down with Cellulitis and for my loving husband, Joe, who is a diabetic, and had a painful bout with his teeth this week. These tulips were bright red when I received them from my charge nurse named Mindy, while I was working at a Nursing Home Facility in Portland, Oregon, called Mt. St. Joseph’s in the 80’s. I took care of Mindy before she passed away from cancer. Through the years the tulips,  Mindy’s priceless gift of love to my husband and I, weathered the storms of life and brought hope and comfort to me as I prayed for people in need. This Easter will be a different one since we are cancelling plans and placing everyone on hold for the Holiday. But we will get back to you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and A Very Happy Easter Day.

Our Healing Tulips


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