ABOUT Ptld Windstorm

Sadness living with Schizoaffective Disorder during windstorm


A power line was down across the street from us this morning. My stepdaughter, Becky, alerted 911 about the problem, since she heard the crash of a tree next to her house and noticed that a line broke in half  and was dangling in the neighbors yard. Our houses rocked during the night to the surge of wind that was so powerful. Today we were without power for about 9 hours. We rested, ate at KFC and went shopping at the other end of town. It felt so strange to be without electricity, internet, and the phone and do without. It really woke me up to the fact of how much I thought I was controlled by electricity, the phone, and internet and how much it made me think. It was a dark feeling and made me reminisce about the time I was experiencing the Columbus Day Storm in Roseburg. I was a teenager then, running away the school grounds with my sister shielding our ears and heads from the tiles of the roofs that came flying out at us. It was scary and devastating. I was lost in a world of uncertainty and couldn’t dig my way out. Luckily, the lights came on. The two photos are a fir tree that bit the dust 7 blocks away from our house and the downed power line at our neighbor’s house. I feel very sad.

Fir tree down 7 blocks from us

Power Line Down


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