KEYNOTE Suicide Prevention

Schizoaffective and Bipolar Disorder September Suicide Prevention Month


My mom had a generous heart and despite her difficulties, she was devoted to her nursing career and painting. She encouraged me to continue painting in the 70’s because she knew it would help my psychosis. I was entangled in the dark webs of life, and painting saw me through to my healing. Before she took her life, my mother oil painted Sisters Mountain, where my brother, Doug, now rests. Somehow, she knew by intuition, it was his place. She was reading a book called “A Course In Miracles’ Foundation For Inner Peace. I wish I was standing next to her as she read, stroking the strands of her black wavy Brazilian hair. I would whisper in her ear, “Mom, you are the only miracle there is.” I still have a deep yearning in my heart for my mother. There was so much to live for. To see my step children be happy, and see their children, to share with me in my travels to Spain and again Brazil. To attend me and Joe’s wedding. Alcohol had cast her away from me and our family and her refusal to get psychiatric help. Suicide can be so heartless and cold. I have made an oath to myself to make a difference in others lives this month, working a lecturer in a psych ward for NAMI.

Mom's Painting of the Sisters

Mom’s Painting of the Sisters


Sherry Painting

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