ABOUT RHS Class of 67 Reunion

Roseburg High Reunion Class of 67 Schizoaffective Disorder Healing


Not only, was the excitement of meeting classmates from years ago at the Roseburg High Class of 67′ Reunion Birthday Party in Roseburg, Oregon, I found myself once again making lasting relationships of a lifetime. Its hard to describe how amazing it felt to talk with people who were down to earth and were supportive of me and accepted me for what I was.  Always asking, “How have you been doing?” and interested in my art. Alice Savage, a classmate and good friend of mine, organized the reunion and did a suburb job in getting us together and finding the locations, food, and entertainment for Friday and Saturday night. During Saturday’s event at River Forks Park, I  said my “Goodbye’s” to the classmates at the Memorial table who were part of our RHS Class of 67′ family. They too, held a special place in my heart and gave me encouragement to move on to whatever my lessons in life would be. We had a raffle at the end of the day, and I gave away posters of my paintings- ‘Native American Indian Girl’ and ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel.’ ARTWORK on this website.  Photos are of the RHS 67′ Birthday Party at River Forks Park, Roseburg, Oregon, my buddy Nace and I, the Memorial table, and  classmate’s Chris Johnson’s band that entertained us both nights at the party at Ten Down Lanes Bowling Alley and River Forks Park.

Class Reunion at River Forks Park

Class Reunion at River Forks Park

Nace Cook and I

Nace Cook and I

Memorial Table

Memorial Table

Chris Johnson's Band

Chris Johnson’s Band


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