Sherry Goes Sane Schizoaffective

Bridge Crossing with Tia Didi. Schizoaffective Disorder


A Fiftieth Anniversary- the Crossing of the Astoria-Megler Bridge, and the Beach Volleyball Tournament in Seaside were taking place as my husband, Joe and I drove to Seaside, Oregon, this weekend. However, it wasn’t the traffic that made our trip unique and special, the ocean air was replenishing, and we had a wonderful visit with my Brazilian Aunt Deanna, who is nearing 93. We dined at the beach and carried on conversations in Portuguese. She instructed me to pay attention to the pronunciation and details of the Portuguese words and be more specific. So, I am practicing up for our next visit. We enjoyed watching the Olympics together and crossed many bridges as we talked about past journeys together. Time spent with my aunt was priceless. The photo on the cover of my book, Sherry Goes Sane is of my Aunt Deanna, (Tia Didi in Portuguese), and me looking into the mirror. She is young and graceful with age. Below is a photo of Aunt Deanna and me at the coastal restaurant in Manzanita.

My Aunt Deanna and Me

My Aunt Deanna and Me

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