Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is a sad, but joyful, loving holiday. It’s sad because so many service men in this country perished to save our lives. Its a joyful because we received their massive love that we might live. As I reflect on this holiday, I’d like to give my family a big endorsement. To Becky, my stepdaughter with blonde hair in the photo below, who enlisted in the Army and fought in the Desert Shield/Desert Storm War. And to my father, James Standing, who is standing in his army uniform with his arm around my Brazilian mother in the other photo. He was a Sergeant in the Army in World War II. A time to rejoice for my stepdaughter because she came home, and her courage in the Middle East  was commendable. and a time to grieve for my father, who came back from the Army and passed away by natural causes. I am reminded of the death of my mother and my brother, too this Memorial Day. She went by suicide- he went by AIDS. Their lives were taken far too soon. I send love to my dear ones and to my acqaintances I have never met.  The past week, I went to a Project Respond meeting in Portland, Oregon.  The leaders of the group were sensitive, compassionate and were willing to put their lives in harms way to help people in a crisis. I wish there had been a program like this for my mother. There are many people with mental illness who need help. There are so many unsung heroes out there- The doctors and nurses, who are helping people work through their paranoia and depression; The Practitioners who are helping the service men and women with PTSD; The firemen and policemen who are helping people get their lives back together, and our beloved service men and woman.  I hope that you find the hope that comes with this Memorial Day, and that you are able to bring joy into your life. Keep looking on the bright side, the present is all we have.

My mother and father's wedding picture

My mother and father’s wedding picture

My husband, Joe, our grandson Caleb, Becky, Me

My husband, Joe, our grandson, Caleb, Becky, Me


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